After our appointment, I slept until 8:00 the next morning. I never sleep that late!  So whatever your magic – it worked.  I had the best night’s sleep I have had in a really, really long time.  Thank you, KNP.

Having not been exposed to energy work, healing practices, or alternative medicine, I was a bit skeptical when I first heard about Matrix Energetics.  I have a hard time excepting things that I cannot understand.  Matrix has changed that, however.  I don’t understand how it works or why… but it does.  It is magical.  Luis is patient and discovers patterns that no one else in my life knows exist.  Amazing.  — Mitch Brown

Luis is an astute observer and has developed his capabilities to a remarkable degree.  I have experienced improvements after our sessions with all sorts of things.  His sense of humor and at times a touch of irreverence are a joy to work with.  He is not just bilingual, but quiet fluent in English as well as Spanish and I think that brings a depth to his understanding.  — Constance Crain

I have known Luis Navarrete for over a year and I am constantly impressed with his powerful healing ability and his accurate intuition.  He is also very compassionate and professional with how he works with his clients…as well as excited to be of service to any one who needs help.

On a number of occasions he has worked on me using Matrix Energetics.  Each and every time, he has helped me resolve the issue I needed help with. He has helped me to release painful memories and thought forms from my body and find clarity.   In other words, he has helped me to let go of many issues, to become “un-stuck,” and enabled me to move forward in my life.  It is amazing to feel the energy flow through him and into my own body and energy field.  Peace, comfort, joy, and a feeling of being centered are always what I feel when I have a session with Luis. I am so glad to have found him.  He is absolutely my healer of choice and I highly recommend him.  –Sharon Lewis

Over the last few years I have had several sessions with Luis.  They are so experiential that it has taken me until now to articulate what goes on for me.  This is a blessing in such a verbally based culture where we have lots of access to tools for the mental body.  This work, for me, bypass’s the mind.  Luis seem to “Feel” where in ones energy field a pattern exists that is no longer serving the whole self. Occasionally he will get a word or phrase that gives one insight as to how ones thought forms and emotional habits are helping to keep the pattern in place (what the energy pattern is about).  I feel like the energy coming through puts me into a trance state similiar to the feeling of being hypnotized or being in a lucid dream.  From this place I get insightful visions that related to the pattern I am being assist with to transmute, integrate, or release.  This “story-board” that shows up while immersed in the energy gives me insight on how the patterns form so I can avoid recreating them.  I leave feeling clear, light and centered, like a shower for my energy field. Each session brings my awareness to a deeper level of understanding of what I am clearing. Awesome work! — Regina LaRocca

Luis is a gifted Matrix Energy worker who is a joy to work with. If you want to walk out of an appointment feeling better than the most awesome massage, combined with a euphoric mood, you need to schedule an appointment. It doesn’t stop there. Besides feeling amazing for about three days (when your awareness starts to shift), Luis is helping you release deep patterns that may be blocking your forward movement and passions. The work is gentle and Luis has a simple grace to healing. Highly recommended.   –Shelley W.

3 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. Thank you Luis, I had a wonderful experience. My issues are getting better, motion of mobility, energy. I feel better now that I have adjusted my life for the better. He does great job he worked on me , for about an hour and the results are great. Now I’m walking better and farther than I was . I will definitely work him again.
    Doug W.


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