What to expect during a session

What to expect:
Most sessions last one hour, though some see change more quickly than that.
If the client wishes to articulate the issue that brings them in for a visit, we will focus on that issue and see what develops.  Often times, what one thinks is a driving issue is, in fact, derivative of other issues, sometimes at the subconscious level.  For those that are uncomfortable sharing a reason for the visit, or for those that simply aren’t able to define the root cause of their concern, we will work through various techniques to try to identify potential drivers and catalysts.
Some clients experience change immediately.  Some may feel a wave-like motion overcome them.  Some sway.  Some collapse.  Others stand perfectly still.  Other clients feel nothing during the session and experience the shift unfold over a longer period of time, but in no less dramatic a manner.  Each person’s reaction to Matrix Energetics is unique, as is each Matrix Energetics session.
Sessions often begin with a light touch to the client, combined with the power of focused intent.  From that moment onward, the rest of the session is impossible to predict, which is what makes being a practitioner of Matrix Energetics so exciting.  The most predictable outcome is change;  but the method in which we get there is rarely ever the same from one visit to the next.


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