Beyond the Five Senses

My name is Luis Navarrete, and I have the ability to help others through energy healing.  This has been an amazing journey for me because I grew up believing only in the things I was able to perceive with my five senses.  But now I have found that those five senses are not the only ones that exist. Being able to open my reality to more has given me the ability to sense and perceive the energy of others, their emotions, their pains, and their concerns, as well as the incredible world of entities that surround us and help us through this journey that we call life experience. I want to share with others my experiences and what I have learned in the last five years of my life, and I hope that this information will help me, as well as others, to grow and change. If the information that I share resonates with you, great!  If not, that is great too, but I hope that I will help you to get curious and question the information in order to find your own answers. Remember, whatever is real to me, cannot be for you, and I am glad to share this journey with others so that we can help each other find the answers that we are looking for.  Thanks.
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